face punishment after cooking crime books

Crime News Service: The commander of a South Bronx police precinct has been transferred and 19 cops face disciplinary charges for cooking the books in a way that made crime numbers seem lower than they were, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Friday. Cops at the 40th Precinct fudged 55 crime reports out of 1,558 that were scrutinized during a four-month audit in 2014 prompted by an anonymous tipster who had questioned the stats’ accuracy, a police spokesman said. As a result, crime actually fell 11.4 percent in the precinct for…


Since Aurora theater shooting: 387 dead in mass killings

Crime News Service: In the three years since James Holmes shot dozens of moviegoers in Aurora, Colo., 78 additional mass killings have occurred, claiming the lives of nearly 400 additional victims. That includes major public tragedies such as the slayings of 26 people, mostly children, at a school in New town, Conn., the recent shootings of nine people in a Charleston, S.C. church, and the Boston Marathon bombings. It also includes less-publicized tragedies, such as a deliberately set fire that killed six family members in McKee sport, Pa., in 2014…


Busted Drug Rings Became an Addict

Matthew Lowry

Crime News Service: Matthew Lowry once had a promising career in the FBI. But his drug addiction got the better of him, and on Thursday, he faces a lengthy prison sentence for stealing heroin he had collected as evidence. Lowry, 33, was relieved of his duties after his tampering with evidence forced US prosecutors to abandon their cases against more than two dozen drug traffickers. His fall from grace began with an addiction to prescription pain killers to treat his ulcerative colitis — a painful inflammation of the large intestine.…


CSI in cooperation with law-enforcement agencies

Crime Stoppers Inc.

Crime News Service: Crime Stoppers International Foundation or CSI Foundation (CSI) is an umbrella organization that aims to spread the Crimestoppers program in countries around the world. Crimestoppers is a program designed to utilize the media and other resources to entice information from the public that can facilitate police investigations. This week’s featured crime follows: West Carrollton police are looking for the suspects who severely assaulted a Miamisburg man around 7:45 p.m. July 9 along the Great Miami River Recreation Trail on Hydraulic Road in West Carrollton. This weekly series…